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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.6, 8.7, and up.


Note: A detailed understanding of your SQL Server environment is required. FaxBack cannot support your SQL Server install, configuration or management.

Following the below steps is recommended only for advanced users

1. Modify the NET SatisFAXtion CD Image\NET SatisFAXtion\CreateSQLDatabases.xml and replace "{SERVER_NAME}\NETSATISFAXTION" with your SQL server's name.
If you use Windows authentication then you use the first <sqlserver> entry.
If you use SQL Server authentication, comment out the second line and uncomment the third line and put your server information and login credentials in that line.
You will need to change the path variable on the fourth line to the directory you want to store the database files.
Example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\InstanceName\MSSQL\DATA

2. After the CreateSQLDatabases.xml has been modified and saved, copy both the CreateSQLDatabases.xml you modified and CreateSQLDatabases.exe to your external SQL Server and run CreateSQLDatabases.exe

3. Click the Open Template button. Open the CreateSQLDatabases.xml that you modified and it will automatically try and create the database for you at the location you specified in step 1. If any errors occur they will be shown in the output window.

4. After you have created the database, go back to your fax server and open the NetSatisFAXtion.xml (Default x64 location: C:\Program Files (x86)\NET SatisFAXtion\NET SatisFAXtion.xml).
Change the SQL server specified in the <SqlService><SqlServer> tag to match the name and instance of your SQL server. Save and close the NET SatisFAXtion.xml

5. Open Configure Export (Start -> Program Files -> NET SatisFAXtion -> Configure Export), open the Logging tab, and change the SQL Server to match the name and instance of your server and select the correct type of authentication and credentials. You can click "Test Connection" to verify before saving.

6. Restart your NET SatisFAXtion service to apply the changes.

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