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Bad Open Ring0/Kernel Mode Driver

There are two possible causes of this error.

1. Service user account does not have local Administrative rights. Ensure the user that the NET SatisFAXtion service runs as is an Administrator or is in the local Administrators group. You can see the user the service is running as by going to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Scroll down to find the NET SatisFAXtion service, right click on it and go to Properties. Change to the Logon tab.

2. Another instance of the IP_FAX driver is already loaded by another application. For example both the Fax Machine Integration Server and the NET SatisFAXtion Server are installed on the same machine. Do not do this, each application must be installed on its own machine.

Error 042F on class1 driver during server loading. Bad open ring0/kernal mode driver

4 things can cause this error:

1. The user logged in (or the service account if loading as a service) does not have enough priveleges to start a kernal mode driver. (This will also happen using the LocalSystem account for the NET SatisFAXtion Service)
2. The sys file is not installed on a local drive. class1.sys You Cannot install the Fax Server on a Network Mapped Drive
3. Attempting to start the fax server via a terminal server or Citrix session. The Fax Server MUST only be started on the local machine directly.
4. Class 1/Class2 Modems are not supported by NET SatisFAXtion on 64-bit OS's

1. Logon to the system as the local Administrator or Domain Administrator IF the Domain Administrator has FULL rights to the LOCAL machine used.
2. Install the fax server on the local drive, not a network drive
3. Remove the "Load Server" shortcut from the startup menu option on the start menu. Only install and launch the fax server from the local machine (console only) on a system running Terminal server or Citrix. You cannot load the fax server via a terminal server or Citrix session of any type.
4. Use our IP fax driver on a 64-bit OS or install NET SatisFAXtion on a 32-bit OS such as Windows 2008 R1

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