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This article applies to:
NET SatisFAXtion 8.7.6001.571 and 8.7.6001.572 versions only
Client installation
OS: Windows XP 32-bit only


  • The Net SatisFAXtion client installation fails when installing the Office 2010 version of the client on Windows XP(r) 32-bit


  • There are a few changes in Windows XP and Office 2010 in which the current client installation files do not address


  • Here are the instructions to update the Client install file for version 8.7.6001.571/.572

  1. Remove all remnants from the client machine as per below
    1. Uninstall the client software from the client system
    2. Client machine removal: make sure when you do the uninstall, you get rid of the Faxback or Net SatisFAXtion folders in the program files and remove the registry hive called FaxBack in the HKLM\software hive.
    3. Download the following file from the link below to the server and save it in the c:\program files(x86)\Net SatisFAXtion\wwwroot\downloads folder on the server

  1. On the Net SatisFAXtion server, open a command prompt
    1. Navigate to the c:\program files(x86)\Net SatisFAXtiion\ folder
    2. Run “config /patch”
    3. Reinstall the client from the LaunchPad on the client system

This will give you an updated client.

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