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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Some sending Error codes can be problematic on one or a small handful of receiving fax machines, causing the fax to be resent as many times as the fax server's retries are set for, even though the fax was entirely sent. An example of this type of an error is an Error 1120 (0460H) "This occurs after sending 3 end of page commands without any response from the remote unit."


There are some fax devices in the world that do not always work perfectly together. Often you may encounter an error from one fax device to another that will never occur with another fax device. Sometimes two devices just will not communicate properly due to firmware incompatibility, line conditions, internal hardware command sets, etc.


NOTE: This will cause the specified error code to never be a retryable error again. This means if all pages are not sent for some reason, the sender will not be warned about it.

- Set the error code (hex format) to not be a retryable error
Create a new String Value in the IcanFax Key of the registry called "dont_retry_errors" Set it's value data to the hex value error code.

Note that any registry change requires the fax server be closed and launched again, as these registry settings are only read at the time the server loads.
If you are running the Fax Server as a Service, stop and restart the NET SatisFAXtion Service

"dont_retry_errors" = "0460"

Description: This allows customization of the IcanFax send retry policy. If fax sends fail due to an error that IcanFax normally does a retry on, this setting can make that error not retry.
Type: Comma separated hexadecimal numbers
Default: None
Range/Options: Up to 10 error code numbers with range of 0-FFFF.

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