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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


API Tester

Expand the zip file ( to a folder on the local hard drive where the connection to the fax server is in question.
Run API Tester.exe

Set Configuration information: (File - API Config)

Username - Supervisor
User Password - (leave blank or set to your fax servers supervisor password)
Server URL http://{server-name}:port/casxml.asp - Example http://netsatserver:60/casxml.asp
API Template C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\ApiMenu.xlm
Set the font to 12 points so you can read it.

Simple logon and query (Test.txt file included in zip file below)
Open Test.txt and edit the <DOMAIN_NAME> and <REMOTE_LOGON_NAME> to match your servers domain and server name
Once edited, cut and paste this text into the API Tester's Input editor and click Send.


The output XML box will display the XML reply from the server or errors if it cannot get to the server.
Cut and paste the output XML into an email or text file and email it to

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