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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7


NET SatisFAXtion can place a time/date stamp and sequential number on all auto-printed faxes: both inbound and outbound. This is placed on the printed copy and NOT the fax image itself. If the fax is later printed from the Administration is WILL NOT have the time/date stamp and sequential number. The time/date stamp and sequential number is placed in the lower right-hand corner of the printed fax. This identifier will OVERWRITE anything behind it so part of the fax image will be lost. Currently there is no mechanism to move or shift the placement of the identifier. There is also no way to have only the time/date stamp or the sequential number by itself. Both will be displayed. This sequential number is not linked to the cover sheet sequential number and can show different values if both are used.

The format of the time/date stamp and sequential number is as follows:

m/d/yyyy h:m:s AP|PM #10001

for example:

9/12/2001 3:24:34 PM #10001

If a multiple page fax is either sent or received, each page that is printed will have the number incremented. For example:

Page 1 - 9/12/2001 3:24:34 PM #10001
Page 2 - 9/12/2001 3:24:34 PM #10002
Page 3 - 9/12/2001 3:24:34 PM #10003

This feature is turned on by adding the following registry value:


To preset the starting point for the sequential number, set the following value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FaxBack\Autoprint\StampCounter=10000 (DWORD)

Note: The value MUST be set as a DWORD value. If the StampCounter value is not set it will default to 1 and start counting up from there.

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