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Cisco Call Manager 7 and NET SatisFAXtion 8.6

The following document describes a customer configuration using Cisco Call Manager 7.0.2 using MGCP gateways.

  1. Create a standard SIP trunk on the CCM and on the 3rd screen shot under ‘Destination Address’ you would put the IP address of the Net SatisFAXtion server.
  2. Under the trunk, the Calling Search Space must be configured to allow proper call routing.
  3. Verify the SIP Trunk Security Profile Outgiong Transport Type is set to UDP. If you have existing SIP trunks, you can create an additional SIP Trunk Security Profile specific to NET SatisFAXtion.
  4. Also, Go to the callmanager admin page under Device > Gateway > select the 3845 (or whatever your gateway is). Look for the “Product Specific Configuration Layout” and look for “Fax Mode”, It should be set to “Fax Relay”
  5. After the Gateway device is configured for T.38 Enabled you need to enter the additional configuration portion from below on the voice gateway and then reset the gateway within Call Manager.
  6. Calls can then be routed to the SIP trunk associated with the NET SatisFAXtion server and the gateway will allow it to re-invite for T.38 media. On outbound calls the gateway will re-invite for T.38



Cisco 3845/Gateway config:

The following is what we already had configured on the Router/gateway:
mgcp call-agent 172.xx.xx.xx  2427 service-type mgcp version 0.1
mgcp dtmf-relay voip codec all mode out-of-band
mgcp rtp unreachable timeout 1000 action notify
mgcp modem passthrough voip mode nse
mgcp package-capability rtp-package
mgcp package-capability sst-package
mgcp package-capability pre-package
no mgcp package-capability res-package
no mgcp timer receive-rtcp
mgcp sdp simple
mgcp fax rate 14400
mgcp fax t38 ls_redundancy 5
mgcp fax t38 hs_redundancy 2
mgcp fax t38 gateway force
mgcp rtp payload-type g726r16 static
mgcp bind control source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0
mgcp bind media source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0
These are the commands Cisco had us add to the config:
no ccm-manager fax protocol cisco
mgcp package-capability fxr-package (this enables MGCP T.38 capability)
mgcp default-package fxr-package
no mgcp fax t38 inhibit

Net SatiFAXtion Setup:

For Net Satisfaxtion setup you would choose “IP Fax (T.38) VOIP Gateways” when setting up Fax devices and enter the IP address of the Cisco Call Manager (not the router/gateway) .

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