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Metaswitch 5.1 and NET SatisFAXtion 8.6

The following is a customer-provided configuration excerpt from a Metaswitch 5.1.

Object name: Remote Media Gateway Model "Audiocodes 2"
MetaSwitch: Meta1
Path: Connection to MetaSwitch VP3510 Integrated Softswitch "Meta1" / MetaSwitch VP3510 Integrated Softswitch "Meta1" / Call Agent / Controlled Networks / Remote Media Gateway Models / Remote Media Gateway Model "Audiocodes 2"
SNMP Table OID: 1.2.826.0.1.1578918.6.1193.1
SNMP Index OID: (8.default.1.22)
CORBA Internal name: BOOMetaSwitchConnSE.8/BOOMetaSwitchSE.default/BOOCallAgentSE.1/BOOControlledGatewaysContainerSE/BOOMediaGatewayModelContainerSE/BOOMediaGatewayModelSE.22
  Category                                        SIP
  ModelName                                       Audiocodes 2
  Description                                     faxserver2
  ManagementConnectionCommand                     test with net satisfaxtion
  ControlProtocol                                 SIP
  DefaultModel                                    False
  AlertInfoStringsForDistinctiveRingingHeading    Alert-Info strings for Distinctive Ringing
  SignalingSettingsHeading                        Signaling settings
  SupportedHighBandwidthMediaFormats              {G.711 u-law}
  SupportedLowBandwidthMediaFormats               {}
  PreferredLowBandwidthMediaFormats               {}
  PacketizationInterval                           0
  SilenceSuppressionAllowed                       False
  MaximumSimultaneousTransactionsOutstanding      100
  DigitOverhangTime                               250
  FixBitsMGCPMeGaCoSIP                            {Cannot be hub,Simple contexts,No loopback between contexts,Cannot play ringback,Cannot control endpoint connectivity,Connections always receive,Cannot report detection of call-type discrimination tones,Cannot do autonomous fallback for data calls,T.38 supported}
  DynamicFixBitsMGCPMeGaCoSIP                     {}
  FixBitsSIP                                      {May loop calls back to MetaSwitch,Supports receiving SIP Reason header}
  ReferenceCount                                  1
  UpToDateCount                                   1
  ExportHeading                                   Export
  ExportNumObjectsExported                        0
  ExportStatus                                    None
  ExportFile                                      export.txt
  ExportCorrelator                                0000 0000 0000 0000
  StatusHeading                                   Status
  RequestedStatus                                 Enabled
  ActualStatus                                    Enabled

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