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AudioCodes MP202B/HTTPS Version History

Version p041 (December 2011)

Pfax Version: (f4e4b5772a4eca6e23ab34ba4988ae36)
  • Resolve device lockup issue if voip_task crashes.
  • Include MAC address in all syslog packets.
  • New DSP firmware.

Version p034 (August 2011)

Pfax Version: (f4e4b5772a4eca6e23ab34ba4988ae36)
  • Resolved a new issue in p033 where the ATA was unable to reconnect to the server after a disconnect.

Version p033 (July 2011)

Pfax Version:
  • Fixed ECM end-of-page issue which caused certain fax machines to repeatedly print a confirmation page.
  • Implemented SOCKS proxy support.

Version p032 (June 2011)

Pfax Version:

Version p031 (February 2011)

Pfax Version:
  • Fixed a rare memory leak.

Version p030 (December 2010)

Pfax Version:
  • Entire pfax application is included in firmware. Since we no longer need to download a pfax from the server it significantly reduces memory pressure that could lead to slow response and lockup.
  • Improved manual firmware upgrades by terminating unneeded tasks at the start of the upgrade procedure.

Version p026 (November 2010)

  • Fix issue with setting pfax_user_password from INI.

Version p024 (June 2010)

  • Implement password setting via *1* from fax machine keypad.

Version p19 (October 2009)

  • Initial release

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