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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7


Some long distance service providers require an access code specified after the number is sent to the phone system. Typically, a series of one-second pauses are required before submitting the access code. The number of pauses will vary depending on the service provider.


If an AudioCodes media gateway is used with the fax sever's IP Fax drivers, these can be sent in the dial string as the lower-case character "p". There are two configuration changes that must be made to send pauses in the dial string. The first is a setting in the AudioCodes media gateway and the second is a change to the dialing rules in the fax server.

Access the media gateway web UI and set Enable Digit Delivery to Tel in the Advanced Parameters window under Protocol Configuration, SIP Advanced Parameters. Click on the Submit button, then burn to ROM.


Note that when this is set, it overrides the generic Wait For Dial Tone setting in the FXO port settings, and therefore Wait for Dial Tone must be set explicitly as a prefix in the dial string as the lower-case character "d". In the fax server, this is specified in post-process dial rules for both local and long distance dialing.

The fax server's dial rules are accessed within the fax server's Administration program. Select Tools from the menu bar, then Validation Editor from the drop-down menu. Select the post-process rule for long distance numbers, and click on the Modify button. Once the modification has been made, click on the Modify Rule button and perform this same step in the post-process rule for local numbers. A validation test feature is available in the editor to verify that the local and long distance dial strings are correct.



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