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Configuring the Mediant 800

Important: The M800 is composed of two logical network devices, each with its own network configuration. The media gateway is configured by items under System, and the router is configured by items under Data.
Before configuring the M800, connect a computer directly to one of the yellow switch ports on the front of the device. These are labeled GE / S4 or FE / S5. Make sure the computer is configured to acquire a DHCP lease. The computer will receive an IP address of
To configure the M800, open a web browser and go to Log in with a user name of "Admin" and a password of "Admin".

Disabling the Built-In Router

Typical configurations will not make use of the router functionality since the fax server will not be directly connected to the M800. The following steps will disable/bypass the router.
First, select the "Full" configuration mode to see all the options as in the screenshot.
Navigate to Data > Data Services > DHCP Server. Then, click the "LAN switch VLAN 1" name or the pencil icon in the Action column.


Change the "IP Address Distribution" setting to "Disabled". Click OK.

The DHCP server is now disabled on the switch ports.

Assign a Static IP Address to the Media Gateway

To assign an IP address to the M800, navigate to VoIP > Network > IP Settings. Click the Edit button and select the radio button in the Index column for number 0. This will allow you to edit the IP Address assigned to the media gateway.
Enter the appropriate IP Address and Gateway. The Prefix Length refers to the subnet mask in CIDR form. If you require a subnet mask of, then enter a Prefix Length of 24.

Apply Settings and Reboot

Now that the network settings have been made, click the "Device Actions" menu in the top center of the page. Choose "Reset", then click the "Reset" button on the next page. The M800 will reboot, saving all configuration changes. The reboot process will take at least 3 minutes.
While the device reboots, disconnect the computer, and connect the M800 to the network using one of the yellow switch ports. The WAN port will not be used.

Advanced Configuration File Settings

For advanced configuration using an INI file.
[Voice Engine Params]
FaxTransportMode = 1
V22ModemTransportType = 0
V23ModemTransportType = 0
V32ModemTransportType = 0
V34ModemTransportType = 0
FaxRelayMaxRate = 13
FaxModemBypassCoderType = 1
CNGDetectorMode = 1
RFC2833TxPayloadType = 101
T38Version = 3
CallProgressTonesFilename = 'usa_tones_13.dat'
[SIP Params]
[ CodersGroup0 ]
FORMAT CodersGroup0_Index = CodersGroup0_Name, CodersGroup0_pTime, CodersGroup0_rate, CodersGroup0_PayloadType, CodersGroup0_Sce;
CodersGroup0 0 = g711Ulaw64k, 20, 0, -1, 0;

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