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This article applies to AudioCodes MP11X Media Gateways.


The SNMP service is enabled and pointed to the wrong location or is not wanted.


The SNMP service is enabled by default with no target.


Log into the AudioCodes MP11X Media Gateway and open the Management section. Within the Management Section expand Management Configuration and select Management Settings. Within the second section you can click the button to configure the SNMP Trap Destinations. The other SNMP settings are configured in the same manner. If you configure a value for the Trap Manager Host Name, it will replace the last entry in the SNMP Trap Destinations table.

If you do not want to use SNMP, you can change the Disable SNMP value to Yes. After configuring this option you will need to Burn the settings into the device via the Burn button at the top. After burning the settings into the device you will need to reset the device for that change to take effect.

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