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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7


Auto-printing by group is the way to print to multiple printers based on predetermined inbound routing criteria. At least one user must be part of a group in order to print an inbound fax. If there is more than one user in a group, the same number of jobs will be printed. (example - 5 users = 5 copies of the same fax printed) The common problem is this routing method leaves the inbound fax behind in the in-box for that user. Someone must periodically delete these left over faxes manually. If there are multiple groups and the Fax Server has high inbound traffic, these can add up quickly


Often a dummy user is used in a group where Auto-print is setup to print inbound faxes. This leaves the inbound message in the fax servers in-box because it is not actually routed to a user that will move it off the server.

Example: Group1 with User1 = Printer1, and the fax is in the in-box for User1.
An equal number of jobs will be printed as there are users in that group.


This assumes there is only one user in the group used for autoprinting.

CAUTION: If Fax Export is in use, this method will cause faxes to be exported multiple times.

Forward Faxes from the User of the group to the User Export. Forwarding the fax to the user "Export" will remove the fax from the forwarding user. Fax Export will clean up after itself, thus removing it's jobs from the server queue.

From the group used to autoprint, double click or click Modify user and click on the Routing tab. Check Enable Autoforwarding and select Export as the user to autoforward to.


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