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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


A Blue Screen Error: Bad_Open_Ring_0 occurs when attempting to load the fax server after installing.

This applies to Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP and 2003. It does not apply to Windows 95, 98, Me


The error "Bad open ring 0 kernel mode" occurs when the user logged on to the Operating system, or service account to log the NET SatisFAXtion Service in with, does not have proper local Administrative privileges to the local machine. This can occur when attempting to launch the Fax Server under a Terminal Server Session. The Fax Server must be launched directly from the machine it is installed on.


Any item below may apply
    • Use a user that has Local Administrator rights for the NET SatisFAXtion Service.
    • Logon locally and directly on the machine the fax server is running with a local administrator account or equivalent
    • Use a proper account that has local administrator rights (Domain Administrators must also have local Administrator rights)
    • Do not use a local system account to load the NET SatisFAXtion service.
    • It is a common misconception that domain administrators inherit local administrator rights on any machine logged onto the domain. Add the domain administrator to the local administrators group if you are using a domain administrator account for either the service or to logon to the fax server machine.
    • Do not use Terminal Server or Citrix type logons to the fax server for installation or service to the Fax Server. Use a remote control software that allows you to see the actual console desktop if you cannot get to the machine directly.

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