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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5. and FAXability 2.3 only.

This does NOT apply to FAXability 3.0


Unable to remove all the recipients from the local or network shared address book
If you want to back up address books for FAXability, understanding where the files are is necessary.
Alternately, you can delete one of the phone books to remove all recipients at once and FAXability will create new empty files the next time it launches


Network Shared and Network Private Phone Books:

Network phone books are kept on the FAX SERVER in the [DRIVE]:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\User Queues directory.

Network Private ..\NET SatisFAXtion\User Queues\USERNAME.fbq (Where "USERNAME" is the logon account name for each user)
Note that inbound faxes are kept in this file also.

Network Shared ..\NET SatisFAXtion\User Queues\[Shared By All Users].fbq

Local Phone Book:
Local phone book locations vary by Operating Systems. One way to find the correct path is %USERPROFILE%\Faxability
Going to a cmd (NT) command prompt and typing "set" will show the USERPROFILE path. Add \Faxability to that and you have the path to your local address book. Note this will not work for Windows 95/98/ME

FAXability Phone Book Locations:
On Windows 2000 and XP this would be - [DRIVE]:\Documents and settings\USERNAME\FAXability\Local.pb
On Windows NT 4.0 this would be - [DRIVE]:\Winnt\Profiles\USERNAME\Faxability\Local.pb
On Windows 98/ME this would be - [DRIVE]:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\Faxability\Local.pb

File Locations of FAXability Users inbound faxes
This is the same file as the network Private phone book for each user. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE UNLESS YOU PLAN TO ABANDON ALL YOUR INBOUND FAXES

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