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NET SatisFAXtion CAS XML API Parameter
Type: String
Max Size: Unlimited
Multiple Allowed: One per section
The CONTENT_DATA string tag is used in taglists prepared for the SEND_MESSAGE function to provide ASCII or Rich Text content to be merged into a fax cover page. If a cover template is not specified for the NET SatisFAXtion user sending the message, the content will be rendered as-is for the cover. If a cover template is defined, the content of this tag will be merged into the cover template's $(Cover) placeholder.
The CONTENT_DATA tag must be a member of a CONTENT_PART section within the SEND_MESSAGE taglist. The CONTENT_TYPE tag must be set to 1 (ASCII) or 8 (RTF) and the CONTENT_PART tag set to 2 (COVER_TEXT) for this tag to be processed properly. See example below.
XML Interface:
The CONTENT_DATA tag plays an expanded role in the CAS XML Interface. For every CAS function where the CURRENT_FILESPEC or DESTINATION_FILESPEC tag references a file on the client computer, the CONTENT_DATA tag is used instead. The CONTENT_DATA tag is included in the XML, and contains the content of the file, encoded in base64. For more information, see Working with Files in the CAS XML Interface.

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