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NET SatisFAXtion CAS XML API Parameter
Type: Integer
Max Size: 4 bytes
Multiple Allowed: Yes, one per BEGIN_SECTION
The CONTENT_PART integer tag appears in taglists prepared for the SEND_MESSAGE function, and in message taglists that are retrieved from a server using the GET_Q_ENTRIES_INFO function. A message contains a separate section of tags, beginning with the CONTENT_PART tag, for each unique form of content that it contains, such as attachments and URLs. The CONTENT_PART tag itself contains a value that defines the purpose of the content, as either a cover graphic, cover text, or attachment. Other tags in the CONTENT_PART section describe the content's type, current storage location, and if available, original name.

The CONTENT_PART tag can be set to one of the following values:
Specifies a graphic for a cover
Used to supply ASCII or Rich Text to be merged into a cover
Specifies a file or URL reference


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