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NET SatisFAXtion CAS XML API Parameter
Type: String
Max Size: 128 characters
Multiple Allowed: No
The CURRENT_FILESPEC string tag appears in CONTENT_PART sections of message taglists, for messages being prepared for the SEND_MESSAGE function or messages retrieved from the server with the GET_Q_ENTRIES_INFO function. This tag specifies the current file name and path of an attachment. The file name and path may be provided as either a UNC (Universal Naming Convention), or a mapped drive letter and full path. Care must be taken when using UNC paths to ensure that the server has rights to access the file. The CURRENT_FILESPEC tag is also required when calling GET_FILE_FUNCTION, to specify the name of an attachment that you want to retrieve from the server.
XML Interface:
In the CAS XML Interface, for every CAS function where the CURRENT_FILESPEC or DESTINATION_FILESPEC tag references a local file, the CONTENT_DATA tag is used instead. The CONTENT_DATA tag is included in the XML, and contains the content of the file, encoded in base64. For more information, see Working with Files in the CAS XML Interface.


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