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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7


NET SatisFAXtion version 7.01 and above supports capture and logging of ANI (automatic number identification), which is the digital version of Caller ID. To get ANI you need an Eicon Diva Serer T1 card and a T1 circuit configured in PRI mode (of course, your telco providor must be providing ANI signalling with the call). The ANI information is written to the NET SatisFAXtion log with each call.

Testing ANI.

Load NET SatisFAXtion and send in a test fax. Unload NET SatisFAXtion and find the debug log file generated by this traffic. Log files are located in the folder:

\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\

You should see the ANI and DNIS in the log. Here is an example line from a log file with an ANI of 5035975300 and a DNIS of 5353:

16:50:46.328 End reset
16:59:56.812 RING CID: 5035975300 DAD: 5353
16:59:57.125 ->AT+A8E=6,5
16:59:57.375 OK
16:59:57.484 ->AT+FCLASS=1.0
16:59:57.515 OK

If you see the ANI and DNIS in the debug, then you will also see this information in the NET SatisFAXtion logs, and as part of the information passed through the email gateway and the fax export script.

Example Configuration Files
This zip file contains sample Eicon .cfg and registry files for a two-T1 PRI configuration.

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