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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.7
This applies to only NET SatisFAXtion Version 8.7 using and Email gateway with the POP3 option
Client Suite must be installed from an 8.7 fax server
OS: Any


User send a large group of faxes by addressing many recipients to the email message and only 4 to 5 faxes are actually sent.


Subject Field character limit
The subject field can have a character limit imposed by the email client or email server that will truncate the number of fax phone numbers delivered from the subject field to the fax servers email gateway is less than addressed in the original email.


Note: this solution assumes you have full control over your in-house mail server. This method will not work on Hosted Exchange, Office 365 mail server and many other hosted mail server solutions.

Change the NET SatisFAXtion POP3 Mail Gateway populating the fax number in the email address Display Name for the fax phone number instead of the subject field using /fax=number

This change is done in two steps
1. Change a configuration XML file on the fax server to reflect this change.
2. Have the Outlook user re-lookup their user to read the servers configuration file change.

Step 1 - Server Side:
  • Locate the XML file at (typically) C:\Program Files (x86)\NET SatisFAXtion\databases called "GatewaysDirectory.xml"
  • Open GatewaysDirectory.xml with Notepad
  • Change the default value of 0 to 1 in Pop3RecipientsInSubject section <Pop3RecipientsInSubject>1</Pop3RecipientsInSubject>
  • Save the file

Step 2 - Client Side:
  • Close Outlook
  • Go to Start -> All Programs -> NET SatisFAXtion -> Client Suite -> Popup Notifier Setup
  • Click the Change Button
  • Select the Radio button for "Look-up or change your fax user...." and click the Next button
  • Click the Look Up button
  • Fax user successfully looked up appears.
  • Click Next, then Finish
  • Click OK to the Popup Notifier Setup dialog.
  • Restart Outlook and test.

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