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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Some single port Class1/2 fax modems are detected as Not Responding due to an improper installation. Sometime this is not actually true and the modem is installed correctly with the proper drivers from the modem's manufacturer. During loading the fax server, the class1.dll module will error with "Opening Fax Channels - Windows serial device name unknown"



- Windows Standard Modem drivers are used, or an incorrect driver from the manufacturer is used.
- Modem hardware problem
- RAS enabled - causing the modem com port to not be able to be opened by NET SatisFAXtion.


- Install the correct modem driver from the manufacturer of the modem
- Fix or replace the modem
- Disable RAS usage of the modem

If EnableForRas is set to 1, NET SatisFAXtion will not be able to detect or use the modem.

Open REGEDIT and search the registry for "EnableForRas"

Typically this will be found at:

The registry key:

The registry string value name is:
EnableForRas = 0
Set it's value data to 0 (zero)

A reboot of the machine is required for this change to take effect.

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