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This article applies to: NET SatisFAXtion 8.1 throuth 8.7 Server or server components
Client installation for Outlook 2003 through 2010
OS: Any


When sending a fax from outlook, the POP-Up notifier does not display the real time fax status


The user account the POP-Up Notifier is logged in as, is not the same user account the email was sent from. Often users will use their network login for the POP-Up notifier and this username may not be the very same username used for NET SatisFAXtion.


First, make sure you have configured the real time settings to be used. Make sure the Display Real-Time Fax Status has been checked. If it has not, check and and click OK

Check the user account on the fax server is actually the same user.
  1. Send yourself an email and look at the reply address. This is the address populated in the TO field when you click REPLY. This address should be in the "Routing Address field of your user account on the fax server.
  2. Check the fax server's users to be sure you have logged in the POP-Up notifier as the very same user.

Matching user accounts between the client and the server
Once you know what your reply to email address is, look at the Administration console on your fax server. In our example we will use "Joe Q Example" Open the user by doubleclicking on it. Look at both the Username field and the Routing Address Field. If the routing address is not the same as your reply address, this is not the correct user account. Continue looking at user accounts until you find it.

Server User account with as the routing address and a username of Joe Q Example

Client Suite login using Joe Example (NOT Joe Q Example)

To change the user, click the Change button


Type in the full user name to change to and click Lookup to verify the user

Once the account is the same as the one sending the email messages and Display Real-Time Fax Status is checked, you will see the real time status for that user account.


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