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See also Installing the FaxOut Client Suite.

FaxOut Client Suite

The FaxOut Client Suite is a collection of tools that are the most useful to users of NET SatisFAXtion. Included in this installation are the following tools:
  • Microsoft Outlook faxing addin.
  • FaxOut print to fax, with Print Automation technology.
  • Pop-Up Notifier for fax preview and real-time monitoring.
  • Microsoft Office addin to easily print to fax from any Microsoft Office application.

Sending Faxes

To send faxes, simply open the file you wish to fax, and print to the FaxOut printer.
Once the document has printed, the FaxOut print controller will open with a preview of your document displayed. If you wish to fax additional documents, leave the FaxOut print controller open and print additional documents. Once you have all documents ready, click Attach to E-mail.
A new Outlook email message will open, with your documents already attached in TIFF format, ready for faxing. To enter fax numbers, either choose contacts with fax numbers from your address book, or click the Add Fax Recipients To This Message button.

Type in a message (this will go on the cover sheet), and click send.
When the email reaches the fax server in a few seconds, a popup will appear at the bottom of your screen. This lets you preview the fax one last time, send the fax, or abort it. When you click Send, either on the popup or the preview window, the fax server will fax your documents if it has a line available. If there are no lines available right now, it will send the fax as soon as it can.
When the fax server has sent your fax, you will get an email back indicating if the fax was successful or not. For most fax errors (busy, no answer, etc.) the fax server will automatically retry for you.

Receiving Faxes

When you receive a fax, it will automatically show up in your Inbox. The email will say who the fax came from, and have a FAX.TIF or FAX.PDF file attached. You can open the attachment to view the fax.


There are four key components to the FaxOut Client Suite. They are the FaxOut printer, Outlook addin, Popup Notifier, and Office addins.

FaxOut Printer

The FaxOut printer is responsible for converting user documents to faxable image format (TIFF).

Outlook Addin

The Outlook addin provides address book integration and a configuration tab for setting additional options on outbound faxes. The NET SatisFAXtion Send Form and NET SatisFAXtion Fax Viewer Form are parts of the addin.

Popup Notifier

The Popup Notifier provides notification of outbound and inbound faxes, allows previewing of faxes before they are sent, and provides real-time monitoring of fax progress.

Office Addin

The Office addins provide a “print to fax” link in every Microsoft Office appliaction for easy printing to the FaxOut printer.

Office Integration

A Print to Fax button is provided on the Add-Ins tab of each Microsoft Office application. For example, here is the button in Microsoft Word:
Clicking on the Print to Fax button will open a Print dialog with the FaxOut printer pre-selected.

Previewing Outbound Faxes

Outbound fax preview can be enabled using the Popup Notifier Setup utility, Start ► Programs ► NET SatisFAXtion ► Client Suite ► popupnotifier-icon32.png Popup Notifier Setup. Change to the Outbound Fax Preview tab.
If the Preview your outbound faxes before they are sent box is checked, when you send a fax the Popup Notifier will display a window at the bottom-right corner of your screen, allowing preview. The fax will not be sent until you click Send (even if you close the popup by clicking the red X icon).
Fax preview can be disabled by unchecking the Preview your outbound faxes... box, but doing so will not send any faxes that are already postponed waiting for preview.
To use a different TIFF viewer application to preview your faxes, click the Browse button next to the Launch this application to preview faxes box, and select the program to use for fax previewing. If the application needs any additional command-line arguments, enter them in the With this command line box.

Inbound Fax Notification

Inbound fax notification can be enabled using the Popup Notifier Setup utility, Start ► Programs ► NET SatisFAXtion ► Client Suite ► popupnotifier-icon32.png Popup Notifier Setup. Change to the Inbound Fax Notification tab.
Check the Display a notifier when you receive a fax box. When this is enabled, a popup will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen whenever you receive a fax.

Managing Cover Sheet Templates

Cover sheet templates are managed within Outlook on the Fax Options tab of the NET SatisFAXtion Fax Send Form. To access it, print to the FaxOut printer, then click Attach to email, or open Outlook, click on the Actions menu then New Fax. Once the Fax Send Form is open, click the Fax Options tab.
Normally, the selected cover sheet template will be sent when the email has any text in the message body, but you can disable sending a cover sheet by unchecking the send cover sheet box.
Select which cover sheet to send by clicking the drop-down box. This will display all cover sheet templates you currently have assigned. The Default Cover Template option will use the default cover sheet template you have selected.
If you don’t have any cover sheet templates, the fax server will use the server default cover sheet template.
You can add, delete or modify your cover sheet templates by clicking the Manage Cover Templates button.
Click Add to browse for a rich-text (RTF) file. Select one of the templates and click Edit to modify the cover template using your default RTF editor (e.g. Microsoft Word or Wordpad). Select one of the templates and click Remove to delete the cover template.
Cover sheet templates must always be RTF files. For information on creating your own cover sheet templates, see Cover Sheet Templates.

Scheduling Faxes

Once you have prepared an outbound fax, change to the Fax Options tab. Here you will find an option to schedule delivery of this fax for a time and date in the future.
Check the Scheduled delivery option, then use the date and time dropdown to choose when to send the fax. Return to the Message tab and click Send.
The fax will wait at the fax server until the scheduled time. The fax server will send it on your behalf, you don’t need to do anything else – your computer doesn’t even need to be on.
If you have scheduled a fax, but then want to cancel it before the scheduled time, double-click the popupnotifier-icon32.png Popup Notifier icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen by the clock (the “notification area”). You will see your scheduled fax in the Scheduled tab. Select your fax, then click Abort.
Forwarding Received Faxes to A Fax Number
To forward a received fax to a fax number, select the fax. Click the Actions menu, then Forward to Fax Number. A new NET SatisFAXtion Fax Send Form will open with the original fax attached.
To forward the fax as an email, just click Forward as normal.

Annotating Received Faxes

When you have received a fax, you can annotate it with shapes, text, and images. This is useful if you need to modify the received fax (place a signature on it for example), and then fax it out again.
To annotate a received fax, double-click it in your Inbox in order to open it in the NET SatisFAXtion Fax Viewer Form.
Click the Annotate menu. You will see these commands:
Insert Stamp: Allows you to add a BMP, GIF, JPG or TIF image to the fax. You can then drag it around to position the image, and drag the corners to resize it. For best results, use a black-and-white image, not a color or grayscale image.
Insert Text Box: Creates a box that contains text. You can then drag it around to position the image, and drag the corners to resize it. Double-click the box to edit the text.
Draw Box: Creates a box with a solid black outline. You can then drag it around to position the image, and drag the corners to resize it.
Draw Horizontal Line: Creates a solid black horizontal line. You can then drag it around to position the image, and drag the ends to resize it.
Draw Vertical Line: Creates a solid black vertical line. You can then drag it around to position the image, and drag the ends to resize it.
When you leave this window or forward the fax, your annotations will be permanently saved as part of the fax image and cannot be changed.

Using Billing Codes to Track Faxes

Once you have prepared an outbound fax, change to the Fax Options tab. Here you will find an option to specify a billing code to assign to this fax.
Either type in the billing code to use, or click the Lookup button.
When you click Lookup, the list of billing codes is retrieved from the fax server. If there are a lot of them, you can use the search box to find the one you want.
Select a billing code and click OK. The Billing Code field will be filled in with the billing code selected.

Advanced Print Automation

The FaxOut print driver can extract information from the printed document in order to determine where to send the fax. These fields can come from the document:
Billing Code: Billing code to log for this fax.
Company: Recpieint’s company name for cover page.
Fax Number: Recipient’s fax number.
Subject: Subject line for cover page.
To: Recipient’s name for cover page.

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