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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


How to collect debug or syslog output from an MP202b ATA with the HTTPS Fax application


Download the following Syslog client.
Syslog Watcher

Login to the ATA via the web GUI and add the following settings in the "HTTPS Fax Connections" tab.
(Voice Over IP - HTTPS Fax Connections)

- Log server type: Generic syslog server
- Log server host and port: {ip address where you are running the Syslog Watcher}:514

Run Syslog Watcher and click Listen, then replicate the issue you are collecting the syslog for.

When exporting the log details, sort the messages before you export so the new (latest) messages are on the bottom. Save as a .CSV file.

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