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This article applies to versions of NET SatisFAXtion 8.5 and through 8.7.
Acrobat Reader version 10 and 11


PDF attachments sent to the NetSat fax server fail conversion. The error message that appears in the Activity Log from the Administration program is: "Timed out waiting for AcroRd32.exe to print <filename.pdf>. Killing it and trying again."


The Adobe reader/viewer default configuration has dialogs enabled that appear as background processes when the fax server calls the reader to perform the conversion.


Open Adobe Reader, and select the Edit, Preferences option from the main menu. Select the Reviewing option and disable the Show Welcome and Show Server Connection Dialogs.

You will also need to select General.
If checked, uncheck "Show me messages when I launch Reader" Also (Acrobat 10) un-check the Enabled Protected Mode at startup check box.
In Acrobat 11, this option was moved to Security (Enhanced) and is titled Enable Protected Mode at startup. Uncheck this option.

Also select the Updater option and disable Automatic Download and Install Updates.



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