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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


The setup and configuration of the HTTP(s) Secure Proxy varies depending on the version of IIS you will be using. The prerequisites for installing the HTTP(s) Secure Proxy are:
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) version 6 or 7 with:
    • World Wide Web Service
    • ASP.NET Support
    • An SSL Certificate for the site you will be using
    • IIS6 – ASP.NET 2.0 must be an allowed Web Service Extension
    • IIS7 – The Application Development role service must be installed
    • A “Site” must be configured to listen on port 443 with a valid SSL certificate
This guide only goes over configuration of an Internet Information Services role that does not serve any other sites. Please contact your Web administrator if you need assistance in configuring this for use with other sites.


Add the following MIME types:
ini – text/plain
rmt – application/octet-stream
Create a normal directory in C:\inetpub\wwwroot named “mp202”. This will be where configuration INI files will be placed, along with the firmware RMT file. Download the following files and place them in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mp202:
Please consult your sales associate for a link to the latest fimware

ATA Configuration
Customize INI File
Rename the “template.ini” file to MP202-00908f000000.ini. Customize it for your site by replacing all
occurances of “” with the fax back-end domain.
Verify you can retrieve all three URLs using a web browser. (When testing the rmt_config url, use
00908f000000 for the <MAC> variable).
To create an INI file for each of your ATAs, follow the following steps:
1. Make a copy of the INI file, and name it MP202-<MAC>.ini where <MAC> is the MAC address of
the MP202.
2. Edit the new file. Change the version to be today’s date in YYYYMMDD format, followed by an 01
revision number.
3. Change the pfax_user_account to be the account name this ATA will use.
4. If Line 0 will not be used, set “enabled=0”. Otherwise enter a text “description” (optional, set to
NULL to leave blank), and set “id” to the DID phone number assigned to the line.
5. Repeat for Line 1.
Some important caveats:
The two line “id”s must be unique. If they are the same then the mp202 may fail to boot.
Do not leave the value after “=” blank. This will cause the next line to be used as the value. Set thevalue instead to “NULL”.
The 202 will only apply an INI file with a higher version number.
Be sure that if the file changes to also increment the version otherwise the 202 won’t use it.

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