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Applies to: Shoretel version 10.x.

Configuring Shoretel 10.x for T.38 Fax

T.38 Fax support was first introduced in Shoretel 10.0. Please see the Shoretel 10.x Administration Guide, section 10.5, for more information about T.38 support in Shoretel. Versions 10.0 and 10.2 have been tested.

Supported Switches

Please note that many Shoretel switches do not support T.38. All switches involved in the call, including the switch that the call comes in on from the PSTN, must support T.38.
In particular, the following switches are documented by Shoretel to not support T.38—

Unsupported Switches

  • ShoreGear -8
  • ShoreGear -12
  • ShoreGear 120
  • ShoreGear -T1
  • ShoreGear -E1
  • ShoreGear TW
  • ShoreGear -24 and ShoreGear 24a

1. Enabling the T.38 Codec

ShoreWare Director > Administration > Call Control > Codec Lists
Edit the "Fax Codecs - High Bandwidth" codec list, and make sure that T.38 is a Codec List Member (right-hand side). (See arrow in screenshot below.)

2. Add Codec List to Site

ShoreWare Director > Administration > Sites
Edit the site(s) that will use T.38, and make sure that "FAX and Modem Calls" is set to use the "Fax Codecs - High Bandwidth" codec list. (See arrow in screenshot below.)

3. Allocating SIP Trunks to a Switch

ShoreWare Director > Administration > Switches
In order to use a SIP trunk, a port must be allocated on the switch. Assign at least as many SIP trunks to an available port as you will have fax server ports.

4. Create Trunk Group

ShoreWare Director > Administration > Trunks > Trunk Group
Create a trunk group. Make sure to enable Inbound Extension, and Tandem Trunking (in order to make outbound calls from the fax server).
In order to route multiple inbound DIDs, add the same number of Off System Extensions as you have DIDs. These will be used for DNIS mapping.
Editing Off-System Extensions:shoretel-off-system-extensions.png

5. Create Individual Trunk

ShoreWare Director > Administration > Individual Trunks
Create a trunk, and assign it to the switch on which you have allocated the SIP trunks in step 3. Under SIP Trunk Type > Use IP Address, enter the IP Address of the fax server.

6. Test

At this point you can test inbound. Call one of the off-system extensions from a phone attached to the Shoretel system, and it should be routed to the fax server. You should hear fax tone.

7. DNIS Digit Map

In order to route multiple inbound phone numbers to the fax server via the off-system trunk, it is necessary to map the DNIS number to the off-system extension.
In DNIS Digit Map, add each outside phone number as Received Digits, and set the Off System to the range you created on the Trunk Group, and finally assign the unique extension number as the destination.

8. Configure NET SatisFAXtion

To point NET SatisFAXtion at Shoretel in order to place outbound calls, run Re-Detect Fax Devices on the NET SatisFAXtion server. Choose the IP Fax (T.38) VoIP Gateway option, then Advanced, select the "Direct to this VoIP Gateway" option. Enter the IP Address of the Shoretel switch in the Gateway field.

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