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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5, 8.6


Setup inbound fax call redundancy to multiple NET SatisFAXtion fax servers. Should one fax server be off-line, or unavailable for any reason, the Media Pack (MP11x) can be configured to route the call to an additional NET SatisFAXtion fax server.


Inbound fax call redundancy is desired


It is required that the all fax servers be on a LAN or managed network that is accessable from the LAN segment the Media Pack is provisioned on.

Logon to the MP11x web interface and navigate to -

Step 1
Protocol Configuration
Routing Tables
Routing General Parameters

Set "Enable Alt Routing Tel to IP" to "Enable"
Set "Alt Routing Tel to IP Mode" to "Both"
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Step 2
Navigate to Tel To IP Routing
Replicate the first line on the 2nd (or more for other redundant inbound servers) execpt for the Dest. IP Address. This will be each redundant fax servers IP address.
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Step 3
Navigate to Reasons for Alternative Routing

Under Tel To IP Reasons, set Reason 1 to "408"
Set Reason 2 to "486"
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You have completed the all the changes.
Click Burn to save all your changes to flash memory.

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