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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.




Eicon introduced the Diva Server Analog - 4P and -8P in the fall of 2004.
These are analog V.34 capable cards. Full details on the Eicon web site.
FaxBack evaluated a -4P card during October and November, 04
FaxBack did a second set of tests in August 2005
FaxBack did a third set of tests in April 2006

Testing Completed
Nov 04
Dell platform running Windows 2000 Pro
Released Diva Server version 7.5 drivers installed.
NET SatisFAXtion 7.0 installed (build 2255.629)

Aug 05
Dell platform running Windows XP Pro
Released Diva Server version 7.7 drivers installed.
NET SatisFAXtion 7.5 installed (build 2811.817)

Apr 06
Dell platform running Windows 2003 Server
Released Diva Server version 8.0 drivers installed.
NET SatisFAXtion 8.0 installed (build 3214.824)

The card installs in a similar fashion to the Diva Server T1 card. There is a "Diva Server Configuration Manager" for configuring the card.

Successful tests
- Almost three-thousand inbound faxes received from Diva Server T1 running fax broadcast. No errors, 28.8 V.34 speed. Looks good

- Inbound testing from HP OfficeJet K80xi at V.34 speeds, no problems

- Outbound testing to a variety of V.34 fax machines and cards. Connects at V.34, high speed. No problems.

- Inbound DTMF Routing tested OK (see configuration details below)

Problems uncovered during testing
- Inbound testing from a V.34 Cannon Multi-PASS C755 fax machine. Fax arrives with no errors, but connects at 14.4, (no V.34 connection). After help from Eicon, it was found that this problem was related to DTMF Routing. When DTMF routing was turned off, the problem went away. However, DTMF routing does work with other V.34 fax devices.

- Outbound testing to HP OfficeJet K80xi fax machine. Connects at V.34 but then does up to 3 retries per page. After debug help from Eicon support, this problem was not resolved.

Configuring inbound DTMF Routing
Using Regedit update the init string for each modem by adding "#CID=5" to the end of each init string. For example


Run the Configuration Manager, and set "DTMF Collection" to "On", then set the number of digits to match your needs. See the example screen below.

Ordering Information
Code(s) - Product Name(s)
306-232 - Diva Server Analog-4P - International
306-233 - Diva Server Analog-8P - International
306-234 - Diva Server Analog-4P - North America
306-235 - Diva Server Analog-8P - North America

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