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Configuring the MP202B with Beta Firmware for HTTPS

Plug in 202 with a PC on the LAN port and the WAN plugged into the network.

Configuring by INI File

This assumes your MP202 already has a config file on
From the PC on the LAN port, telnet to the 202:
telnet 202.home
Enter the user name and password of admin / admin

Type in the following command (just use this verbatim; the 202 will fill in its own MAC address).
rmt_config -u<MAC>.ini
The 202 will now reboot.

When it has finished booting, configuration is complete.

Manual Configuration

Log into the 202 at
Assign user/pass of admin/admin
Upgrade firmware from Advanced > MP20X Firmware Upgrade. It will reboot.

Configure the following options, also from the web ui:
Voice over IP > Signaling Protocol
Use SIP proxy: localhost, port 5066.
Disable SIP Registrar

Voice over IP > Voice and Fax
Disable Echo Cancellation
Fax Transport Mode: T.38 Relay
Enable Switch to Fax Only By Answering Side

Voice over IP > Services
Disable Call Waiting

Voice Over IP > Line Settings:
Set each port's User ID to its assigned DID.

Advanced > Remote Administration
Only for 202s that will be on a LAN. Do not do this for 202s that will be directly on the Internet.
Enable primary telnet port
Enable Primary HTTP port, (optional primary HTTPS port).

Telnet to and issue the following commands:
rg_conf_set /voip/pfax/enabled 1
rg_conf_set /voip/pfax/pfax_access_code 099
rg_conf_set /voip/pfax/pfax_server_logon_url
rg_conf_set /voip/pfax/pfax_component_bind_port 5066
rg_conf_set /voip/pfax/pfax_user_account <username>
rg_conf_set_obscure /voip/pfax/pfax_user_password <password>
reconf 1
Configuration is complete.

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