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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5, 8.6


Create a new empty database file for the NET SatisFAXtion fax server


Go to the CD Image folder (typically C:\NET SatisFAXtion CD Image) then to the NET SatisFAXtion folder. Run CreateSQLDatabases.exe
If you do not have this folder, you can download (below) and expand both the exe and xml file to any folder. Run the program after expanding the zip file contents.

Backup your existing Database
If you have an existing database, it is hightly recomended that you make a back up copy of it first. You can have your DBA do this with SQL Studio, or you can stop the NET SatisFAXtion fax server service and the SQL Server service and copy the file C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\Databases\NET_SatisFAXtion_Logs.dat and NET_SatisFAXtion_Logs_log.ldf file to another location. Don't forget to restart the two services.

Create a new Database file
Run CreateSQLDatabases.exe and click Open Template. Point it to the CreateSQLDatabases.xml file. It will check for an existing database and test it. If you wish to remove the existing database, it is highly recomended that you backup your databaes first, before clicking Drop All Databases. This process can take several minutes. Open the template again, to create a new empty database.

Repair a Databae file
CreateSQLDatabases can attempt to repair some broken database issues by clicking the Fix button.
Use the same method as above, and open the XML template, then click Fix after the test is done.

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