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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


How do I created high quality audio on my voice server



Using a Windows PC equipped with a microphone, you should record files in the Dialogic “VOX” format at a sample rate of 8000 mono.
Below are instructions using a freely downloadable utility called WavePad. There are a variety of other sound utilities that will work equally well:
Install WavePad from
Configure WavePad for your microphone and test the sound quality.

Click the red “record” button

Select a sample rate of 8000 and Mono
After recording your prompt, when you go to save and select “Dialogic VOX (*.vox)” from the drop-down menu

Select Dialogic ADPCM, a sample rate of 8000 and Mono channels.
You have now created high-quality audio files that can be copied directly to the Voice Server.

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