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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5. and older


Fax Export does not function properly or at all. Logging is not working even with Logging switched on inChange Server Settings - Logging and Fax Export. Netsatisfaxtion_logs.dat (7.0 to 8.5x) file is not being updated.


To debug the archive and logging scripts Versio 8.5 and older), you can simply turn on a debug setting in the registry. For example:

"debug_file"="c:\\Program Files\\NET SatisFAXtion\\Export\Script_debug.txt"
"debug" = "1"

Caution: This writes a verbose debug and will get very large if left running on a busy server.

Use Netsat Debug Setup.exe to turn script debug on and off. This utility will place the debug in [DRIVE]:\Program Files NET SatisFAXtion\Debug

NetSat Debug Setup.EXE

Send Script_debug.txt and Archive.log to

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