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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


DTMF digits are supplied, however have a # in the string and routing is not possible


A # is a terminating digit, telling NET SatisFAXtion to stop listening for further digits and start receiving the fax.
dtmf_terminate_digit is set to # by default, and if not otherwise specified will cause the modem to stop receiving DTMF digits


Set the registry to change the terminating digit to a * (star)

dtmf_terminate_digit (default #)

CLASS1 Modems

CLASS2 Modems

Description: The received dtmf digit that causes the driver to terminate dtmf digit collection being done by the modem by sending the dtmf_detection_end string.
Type: String
Default: #
Range/Options: 1 character

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