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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


(1) Unzip PLX_SDK_v5.10-Lite_Final_2007-06-29.exe (located at )

(2) Double-click the .exe and install the PLX SDK using all of the default settings

(3) Shut down the machine and restart (note: it’s important that only one IQ Express card is installed in the XP /2003 machine)

(4) Start -> All Programs -> PLX SDK v5.10 Lite -> PLXMon

(5) As PLXMon starts up it should display “PLX Driver Detected...”

(6) Click “EEPROM” button (look for black/yellow ‘chip’ icon)

(7) The “Update EEPROM Width” dialog appears, select “2 Byte” and click “OK”

(8) The “8111 EEPROM values” dialog appears, click “Load File”, browse to file ‘mainpine+8111+no+power_management.eep’ (attached), click “Open”

(9) Click “Write” and check that the “EEPROM write successful” dialog is displayed

(10) Click “OK”, click “Close”

(11) To verify the power management has been disabled, power down the system (don’t just hit ‘restart’) and once rebooted open PLXMon once again

(12) Click “PCR” button, check “Power Mgmt Capability” and “Power Mgmt Control/Stat” are greyed out in the PCI Extended Capabilities section

(13) Click “Close”, Click “File”, Click “Exit”. Power down the system and remove the board. Send me the board serial number and I’ll update the test history spreadsheet

Note: The power management change will be hard coded into the new builds of the boards. This will only apply to the current run of boards.


The firmware update for the IQ Express is at:

Double click the IQFlash file, and choose the firmware file. It will then proceed to update each port to the latest firmware.


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