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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Blue screen End_of_NT_Evaluation_period when server loads


When installing the fax server, Class1 is selected as the default driver for class2 only modem such as a DIGI card or USB modem. This can also happen when running ReDetect Fax Devices. Attempting to run some DIGI devices using the Class1.dll driver will cause a Blue Screen. USB (Universal Serial Bus) modems will blue screen always, using class1 or class2.


USB Modems are not supported by NET SatisFAXtion at all. We must communicate with a serial port modem via class1 and class2
The Fax server cannot be allowed to load upon booting the machine. Renaming Mloader.exe in the [DRIVE]:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion folder will disable the Fax Server from loading even if it is running as a service. (note this will cause an error that it cannot find mloader.exe)

Run Change Server Settings, select each port indivigually, click Advanced and change the driver to Class 2.0
Repeat untill all ports are set to Class 2.0

Rename Mloader back to it's original name of Mloader.exe
From the Start menu run the Load Server shortcut (NET SatisFAXtion program group)

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