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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Error 1095 or 0447H generated during received faxes using class1/2 fax modem hardware (any modem type)
Faxes are aborted by the server and the sender must resend the fax.
FAX MODEM TYPE = Any Class1/2.0 fax modem


A ring is detected on the line during transmission of a received fax. This can be a faulty PBX or phone line.


Resolve the problem on the PBX or phone system or do the following

NOTE this will only work on modems not using TAPI

Set rings_before_answer to greater than 1 (suggested 3)
Set next_ring_response_timeout_msecs to 20000 (about 20 seconds)

Listing of the registry addtions:


- Attached here is a registry file that can me merged into your fax servers registry to correct possibly this problem. This change will not take effect until the Fax Server loads the next time.

Technical data about the registry settings above
Description: Number of rings before modem accepts call.
Type: Decimal number
Default: 1
Range/Options: 0 - 255
Description: This is how many msecs to wait after a ring from the modem before resetting the internal ring counter. This will only apply for rings_before_answer greater than 1 and when not using TAPI.
Type: Decimal number
Default: 7500
Range/Options: 0-Max dword

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