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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


If you are on a segmented LAN, have a router or a switch that blocks broadcasting of IP packets from the Fax Server to the Clients, problems logging on can occur. This will occur on File Server Based installations of the FAXability Server Files

A common logon error would be No/invalid XML response, status=12029


Incorrectly installed: Settings in Server.js file may look something like the following and need to be changed.
If the following <your web server> appears in the var DefaultProxyAddress line, this error will occur. Likewise if it is incorrect, or IIS has not started the FAXability site, this error will occur

http:<your web server>/faxability/proxy/
If you are going to have people accessing FAXability outside of your office you will need to set the
proxy settings correctly. As long as you have an internect connection to your web server you should
be able to connect to your fax server with FAXability.

If you are running FAXability off of a internal file server, you will need to set "ProxyChecked" to "false"
and make sure that the proxy address is blank ("") and DefaultProxyType is 0.

var DefaultProxyType = 1;
0 = No proxy, 1 = CAS/CGI, 2 = XML/ASP
var DefaultProxyChecked = true;

var DefaultProxyAddress = "http:<your web server>/faxability/proxy/cascgirun.exe";
var DefaultProxyAddress = "";

Note: If proxying, you MUST give the .../proxy directory the following access.
1) In the web server settings, you must give it execute permissions of "Scripts and Executables".
2) In the Windows Explorer, you must add the Internet Guest Account (IUSER_...) and give it "Read and Write"

You MUST have double slashes in the domain/server name below. In other words, \\server\domain will not work.
var DefaultServer = "\\\\ALF\\NETSATISFAXTION";

The protocol setting must be the protocol that the web server can connect to the fax server with.
Protocol Settings = All, IPX, IP, NETBIOS
var DefaultProtocol = "LOCAL";

var ShowBrowse = 0;
0 = No browse or server selection dropdown is shown. The default server setting will be displayed just as
text and can not be changed.
This option DOES NOT currently support proxy settings.

1 = The browse functionality is shown (the way it is now).

2 = A simple edit box is show instead of the browse drop down and browse button (No browse, just text entry).
This settings is nice to test with. People here are always complaining of no text entry for the server name.
Note: The setting of "2" is NOT required for shipping but rather more of an internal thing.
This option DOES NOT currently support proxy settings.

Note: In all cases, if the DefaultServer setting is not set, the value of the server will be "<none selected>".
If DefaultServer is set it will be displayed instead of "<none selected>". Other than that, the normal browse
would always save the last server that was logged onto.

To correct this logon problem either edit the attached registry file (see below) and enter the IP address of your fax server and run it on all your clients that are having this problem or edit the registry manually and create the necessary keys and string value parameters. If you are Editing the registry manually, the CAS20 Key will already exist. The LogonDialog Key and parameter will have to be created.

Replace "ENTER IP ADDRESS OF FAX SERVER HERE" with your Fax Servers IP Address.



Registry Editor View

CAS20 Key

LogonDialog Key

Download and edit this reg file with the IP address of your NET SatisFAXtion Fax Server. Notepad can be used to edit registry files. Once edited, you can distribute it to those clients that cannot connect and have them merge it into their registry by double clicking on it.

Use this utility to set the IP address of the Fax Server on a client or 2 box E-Mail Gateway

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