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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


The NET SatisFAXtion default value is 45 seconds to wait for a fax carrier. This means that after dialing, our software will generate a 1114 or hex value 0045A error if it does not hear a fax machine on the other end within 45 seconds. You can change this value to anything you like. To reduce "No Answer" errors, you can move it up to 90 seconds. This can also be caused by sending to a fax device that does not emit CED and the Sending device requires it. Emitting CED on a receive is not required by V.21 Standards.


We set the default to 45 seconds because this is what the CCITT standards committee recommends.



- Stop the NET SatisFAXtion server service
- Modify the registry using Regedit
- Create the new string value named "carrier_wait" under the Class1 folder as shown below and set it's value data to a number
(number in seconds)
- Restart the NET SatisFAXtion server and test.

The following will set this timeout to 90 seconds


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