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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Sending faxes fail with error 1090
ERROR 1090 (hex 0442) Send data was not supplied to the modem quick enough


The error means the modem buffer is unable to keep the buffer sufficiently full while transferring data to the modem during transmission. This results in an empty buffer during transmission. To correct this we must supply the buffer data more quickly to the modem. moving this baud rate up for the buffer will most often resolve this buffer underrun error


The following is a parameter for the Class1 driver that has favorably resolved send underrun errors

To apply, run the registry editor program - regedit.exe,
and open the global Class1 key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FaxBack\Class1.

Create the string value "dte_baud_rate" (do not include quotes), and set it to the value 38400.

"dte_baud_rate" = "38400"

If this still does not work, move the value up to 56600 or 115200 (note that 115200 can cause buffer overrun errors)
Close the registry editor, and reload the fax server to make the change effective.

If this change does not work, replace the class1 modem with another modem and start testing without this setting
Techincal Data
Description: Baud rate for CLASS1 to use to talk to the modem at all times, unless the 2400_baud_init setting is YES in which case the driver will only use the dte_baud_rate when the modem is in Class1 mode. There have been cases on slow machines where setting this to a baud rate like 38400 or 57600 reduces the likelyhood of send underrun errors occuring. Setting this to lower than 19200 has the possibility that the uart wont be able to keep up with the modem modulation throughput due to extra DLE escaped characters.
Type: Decimal number
Default: 38400If this is not specified and the modem can do V.34 fax, then the default is 57600.Range/Options: 2 - 115200. If the uart is not a 16550, rates higher than the default may result in overruns.
2400_baud_init Description: Set to No if modem can be initialized at high baud rates. Set to Yes to slow down initialization.
If set to No, CLASS1 will use the dte_baud_rate at all times.
Type: Boolean
Default: Yes
Range/Options: Yes / No / True / False / 1 / 0 / On / Off

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