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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Faxes submitted to the fax server stay in the scheduled queue with a status of now, but are never submitted to a fax port
Error 313 - (Hex value 0139) Device Not Valid - Either a specific device name was specified that does not exist or that device is not configured for sending.


Either the there are no fax ports configured to send faxes (are set for receive only) or the fax modem devices are improperly configured


Use Change Server Settings to set the desired ports to send faxes. If any or all fax ports are set to send faxes already, and a power down reboot of the machine does not resolve it, run Re-Detect Fax Devices to clean up the fax modem configuration. Something has caused a hardware change and the fax server must re-discover those settings for the modem hardware

Order in which to resolve this problem
1. Make sure ports are set to send faxes
2. Power off the system and test again
3. Run ReDetect Fax Devices

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