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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


When an intermittent preconversion problem occurs, where the document attachment is known to be good when attached to a mail message, yet even a small percentage fail preconversion, this tool may help you rule out that the attached document arrives at the fax server uncorrupted.

Affects EMAIL Gateway (any) sent faxes with attachments only


There is a registry setting in CASPost that will keep all the temp files created when a mail message is received by the gateway. This will include the message text from the message body of the mail message and the attachment(s) in the ".\[mailgateway folder]\CASPost Queue" folder

Set CASPost to NOT delete temp files
"delete_temp_files" = "0"
"logging_level" = "3"
"log_com" = "1"

"logging_level" = "3"
"log_com" = "1"

Stop and restart the email gateway service
Each message that the gateway receives will keep the attachment and message text in the CASPost Queue folder at a XXXXXXXX.TMP file

Below is an example where the following files are...
D0000000.TMP = Message text from an email message
D0000001.pdf = Was a .TMP file however I knew it was a PDF, so it was renamed to be viewed.
D0004E20.TMP = Is a PDF attachment
D0007530.TMP = Is a PDF attachment

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