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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 7.0 through 8.5.


Attemtping to open an inbound fax in FAXability issues an error, "Unable to get fax: -1"



FAXability was installed from the launchpad site, using http:IPADDRESS instead of the DNS or Machine name of the fax server. The script that runs FAXability uses the machine name the fax server is installed on, therefore cannot find the request from the client that is asking for the file by IP address.


Uninstall FAXability from Add/Remove Programs
Download and run RemoveFAXability.exe on the affected machine.
Go to the Launchpad using the machine name (EXAMPLE: http://faxserver) and not the IP address.
Re-Install FAXability.
(Right click the icon to the left and select "Save As")
To locate your fax server's launch pad website

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