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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Forwarding an inbound fax to users, it gets bounced back by the mail server stating Rejected: domain is not a valid user
The error message will show up in the inbox in Administration as multiple attached text files. In the first Message.txt file you will find the error above


The mail server will not accept mail from a recipeint outside it's domain


To change the name of the email delivery and non-delivery notifications as well as inbound fax notifications sent to clients, make the following changes to the registy
Change the email address the mail from the fax server is coming from to a valid user and domain.

Alternately, the following executable will to this for you. Download it to your fax server and run it to change the email gateway from address on either a POP3 gateway or SMTP gateway.

Example: If a valed user on your mail server is for instance, the notify sender address will need to be changed to that name

Defaults are: (note these are defaults and not in the registy. If you add them, they change to your specifications)
"notify_sender_address" = "NET SatisFAXtion" For SMTP Gateway "POP3.NETSATISFAXTION.COM if using the POP3 Gateway (Default if not specified otherwise)
"notify_sender_name" = "postmaster" (Default if not specified otherwise)

Change to: (Using REGEDIT)
"notify_sender_address" = ""
"notify_sender_name" = "My Company Name or Fax Server Identifier"

"notify_sender_address" = ""

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