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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Port 25 conflict
An SMTP Server or Virtual SMTP Server (Windows 2000) which uses port 25 is running on the same machine as a NET SatisFAXtion SMTP Gateway.
The user will get the following error in mloader.log

SMTP E-mail Gateway
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WSAEADDRINUSE - Address in use - You may have a mail server that has already claimed the desired port.

Error code: 3104


Disable the Virtual SMTP server that can be installed on Windows 2000 systems, from services.
Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services - Disable the service for "Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)"

IF the SMTP Server on this box is needed:
The port the NET SatisFAXtion SMTP Server uses can be changed by telling the SMTP Gateway to use a different port number

In SMTPPost's registry settings, create the setting local_port as a String Value.
Set the value to the new port number.

"local_port" = "PortNumber" (String Value)

You will have to find a port that is usable on your system. Below is a listing of ports and what they are typically used for.

IP Port Numbers. Full Listing

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