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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Access codes for long distance numbers sometime require a # to be dialed before or after a number is dialed. This can cause "No Answer" or other errors IF a number such as #9915035551212 is dialed, this can cause the Sub Address Separator logic to think that anything after the # is a seperate address. The resulting number dialed will be NUL

IF a number such as 99#123415035551212 is dialed, the fax server will dial 99


# (pound sign) is used as a sub address separator and will "separate" the number into two peices, before and after the pound sign.


Create a new string value named "SubAddressSeperator" under the CASDrive Folder (Key)


Stop and restart the fax server service for this change to take effect.

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