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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Error loading the fax server - Userlist initialization Failed

Sometimes a userlist can become corrupt. Quite possibly, the only solution could be to replace the userlist data files. Note that this will take you back to the clean installed version of your userlist, meaning all users and group information will be lost.



First check that your userlist files are not set with Read only attibutes.

Make notes of all your users, routing information, groups, etc.

1. Unload the fax server.
2. Replace all .fbf file with the attached zip file (suggest backing up all .fbf files first before copying in the new ones. Make sure none are set as Read-Only)
3. Load the fax server
4. Re-import or re-create you users
5. Re-create you groups.

Userlist without an email gateway (Winfax or FAXability only)

Userlist with SMTP Gateway

Userlist with Exchange 2000/2003 Gateway

- Not yet available

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