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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Excel documents only print the content of the first sheet of multiple sheet documents when converted at the fax server. This can happen when an XLS is attached in an email message or the FAXability client.


Server Side Print Capture uses the Windows PrintTo Function to open a document type in it's native application (that should be installed on the fax server) to print the document to our NET SatisFAXtion print driver. When the document is printed to the print driver it is simotaniously converted to a faxable tif image. By default, Excel does not format the .xls document to print all sheets


Use the Client side Faxout or FAXability print driver to convert the XLS document from the client. Note you may have to print each sheet indivigually before sending the fax.
See your Fax Servers Launch Pad website to install the faxout printer (Client Suite for Outlook)

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