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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Affects a MAPI Exchange 2000 Gateway only:
A user called Exchange was imported from the Exchange 2000 Gateway and placed in the All Users Group. The System User installed by the Gateway was overwritten by this imported user and removed from the System Users Group.


The Exchange user was imported from the Exchange 2000 gateway and broke the System User Exchange becase he selected to update the user Exchange. The system user could on longer do it's job as a system gateway user. Note the wrongly imported user called Exchange also had a routing address assigned. The system user should NEVER have a routing address.


Delete the user Exchange from the All Users view.
ReInstall the Exchange Gateway to install the System User "Exchange" on the Fax Server properly.
Reload both the Fax Server and Exchange 2000 gateway Servers

DO NOT IMPORT THE USER "Exchange" again, or if you can, Delete that user from your userlist on the Exchange Server

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