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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


The NET SatisFAXtion Native Exchange Email Gateway does not load after rebooing the Exchange Server. It will load if you unload it from it's patially loaded state (mspost.dll is the only module not loaded) and launch the Load Server icon or stop and start the service.

This is not always obvious when the gateway does not load. The best way to find a clue that is has not loaded is to go to an Administration program, click on View, then select (bottom selection) Activity Logs. From the Source drop down choice, select the Exchange Gateway. Can you get output by clicking on Start output? If not, chances are good the Exchange gateway is not loaded.

While you can simply unload the gateway via the NET SatisFAXtion Service or by running Load Server from the Start menu on the Exchange box, and reload it, this may occur again upon a reboot of the Exchange Server. The reason for this is the time it takes for the Exchange Server to start to load. When NET SatisFAXtion (Gateway) loads, it looks for Exchange Server loading activity for a period of 30 seconds. This mean for 30 seconds the gateway will attempt to check for the Exchange server being at least in a loading state. Once it finds the Exchange Server in a loading state, it will wait for it to fully load before continuing to load. If it fails, this means it waited for activity for 30 seconds and did not find any. This time can be extended in seconds with the following registry setting.


Create the following string value setting under the MSPost key

"exchange_server_load_wait_seconds" = "60"

Example registry file that will set the timeout to 60 seconds

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